Photo of COVID-19 Impacts on the Department of Defense

COVID-19 Impacts on the Department of Defense

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The rapidly spreading impact of COVID-19 has potentially dire consequences for the Department of Defense’s ability to protect the national interest. Govini analysis illustrates how the unprecedented effect of this pandemic is directly undermining the Department’s ability to execute its 2018 National Defense Strategy. In particular, COVID-19 has negative repercussions for the readiness of the Armed Forces, their ability to project power globally, and the pace of their modernization for future challenges.

Govini used its decision science and machine learning platform to analyze COVID-19 infection growth rates, medical facilities, contractors, defense supply chains, place of performance, and military installations to provide this prognostic view. This document highlights those areas where companies in the Defense Industrial Base are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19.

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Photo of COVID-19 Impacts on the Department of Defense
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