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U.S. federal agencies are challenged to orient data for optimized decision making, resulting in suboptimal decisions and outcomes. Without the right capabilities, the exponential increase in data availability makes this challenge worse, not better.

To counter geopolitical competition from U.S. strategic rivals, the United States must gain decision advantage in areas where the application of data at scale and machine learning conveys significant advantage.

Photo of Applications

Maintaining the integrity and availability of critical supplies has become a national security imperative. Leaders are turning to Decision Science to gain unprecedented insight into supply chain risks across business sectors, companies, suppliers, programs, parts, and sources of capital.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Understanding investments, expenditures, and ultimately performance in national security requires more than knowing the budget. Using Decision Science, Govini Taxonomies generate accurate, cross-cutting, and comprehensive visibility into strategic portfolios, programs, and reform initiatives.

Resourcing & Reform

The U.S. federal government is looking beyond traditional contractors to identify sources of innovation. Govini provides visibility into the companies, research institutions, and technologies that are beyond the federal procurement system today, but matter to U.S. national security.

Technology & Innovation

The health and security of the Defense Industrial Base is a pillar of American national security. Yet, the growing complexity of these global enterprises challenges decision making. With Decision Science, DoD leverages data at scale and machine learning to assess vitality, measure progress, and consider critical transactions among the companies comprising the DIB.

Defense Industrial Base