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The Defense Acquisition process today is complex, slow, and burdensome. It is dominated by a services approach, underserved by commercial technology, and most worrisome of all, riddled with security risks. Today, the Defense Acquisition Process blocks the United States from building the capabilities that it needs to compete.

To counter China, the most sophisticated adversary the United States has ever faced, the U.S must quickly field next-generation military platforms. But the way to do so–the Defense Acquisition Process–is broken. The U.S. must transform this liability now, or it will fall behind its adversaries in the global order.

Govini’s software platform is purpose-built for Defense Acquisition. It leverages authoritative commercial data and AI-enabled Applications designed to solve Acquisition challenges. With the Ark, analysts and decision-makers gain the ability to manage Acquisition programs proactively, allowing them to unwind the legacy complexity and effectively field modern warfighting systems that compete with China.

Photo of Applications
Applications provides the acquisition community with comprehensive visibility into the supply chains that matter for their programs, unearthing risks such as hidden prohibited suppliers, geographic vulnerabilities, and foreign reliance. enables the rapid deployment of emerging technology into the defense ecosystem, by enabling deep research into emerging technologies; surfacing adversarial capital, venture capital and private equity trends; and accelerating due diligence for capabilities. assesses industrial base capacity for production demands, by tracking vendor performance, forecasting part lead times, and monitoring supplier health. ensures that vital defense programs remain operational, by flagging parts and companies with obsolescence risks, analyzing raw materials and parts pricing trends, and highlighting stock on-hand. equips the acquisition community with assurance that industry is prepared to meet future demands, by pinpointing available raw materials, identifying workforce gaps, and highlighting emerging technologies.

Photo of Applications
Access is the leading Defense Acquisition software for National Security.

Built by Govini, contains the most comprehensive collection of commercially sourced data and uses bleeding edge artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve challenges pertaining to Supply Chain, Science & Technology, Production, Sustainment, and Modernization.

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