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Technology & Innovation

Military competition with great power rivals is accelerated by technological developments. The Defense Department must identify and work with sources of innovation across the nation to maintain its military edge. Govini’s decision science empowers defense technologists and acquisition professionals with insight into novel sources of innovation the Defense Department is already working with, who the best prospective partners in the market are, and how to tradition promising innovative pilot projects to full scale production.

Photo of Technology & Innovation
Technology & Innovation Capabilities

Identify Emerging Technologies

Taxonomies of emerging technology portfolios

Innovation Awareness

Awareness of cutting-edge innovation in the commercial sector and academia

Production Insight

Insight into pathways to full scale production

As DoD expands the Defense Industrial Base to a broader National Security Innovation Base, defense leaders in R&D and acquisition are leveraging Govini to answer:

  • Which companies and institutions are at the forefront of developing emerging technology?
  • What component parts and technologies are critical for emerging missions and capabilities?
  • Are innovative acquisition authorities such as OTAs reaching non-traditional defense entrants?
  • Are programs transitioning from RDT&E to operational capabilities?

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