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Supply Chain & Logistics

U.S. national security agencies know there is risk of foreign influence or exogenous shocks, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, to their vendor bases and supply chains. But they don’t know what their supply chains are or where the risk is greatest, let alone how to effectively build resilience or mitigate such risks without negatively impacting industry. Govini’s decision science provides the combination of data at scale and machine-learning algorithms necessary to solve the diagnostic problem. National security leaders can now switch their attention from supply chain risk identification and monitoring toward mitigation and remediation.

Photo of Supply Chain & Logistics
Supply Chain & Logistic Capabilities

Start Anywhere

Unlike other systems, Govini doesn’t require already knowing who the risky vendors are. Start with your agency, a particular sector, or more and use decision science to point out risk in relevant supply chains.

Risk Factors

View risk by a wide range of configurable factors applied to a particular business sector, company, supplier, sources of capital, parts, and programs.


Continuous monitoring and alerting to know when key aspects of the supply chain may be at risk, including a change in ownership, a new country entering in the supply chain, and more.

Govini capabilities provide granular-level visibility at all tiers of the supply chain and automatically surface risk to analysts, program managers, and the acquisition community:

  • Which vendors are in the supply chain of a portfolio, technology, or program of interest?
  • Which vendors in the supply chain are most critical to DoD’s mission?
  • How exposed to foreign influence is my supply chain?

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