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Resourcing & Reform

U.S. national security agencies know their investments are fragmented across the enterprise, but don’t know how to organize relevant budgeting and spending into manageable portfolios aligned with strategic priorities or surface relevant contextual information about the marketplace to optimize contracting decisions.  Govini’s decision science enables precisely this.

Photo of Resourcing & Reform
Resourcing & Reform Capabilities

Portfolio Management

Taxonomies enabling fine-tuned portfolio management

Market Research

Market research reflecting U.S. government spending

Spending Insights

Comprehensive view of federal U.S. government spending

Using Govini decision science, DoD portfolio managers, program managers, financial analysts, and reform leads can rapidly and accurately answer questions such as:

  • How much is DoD investing in a portfolio?
  • How well are investments aligned with strategic priorities?
  • Where is there duplication in spending?
  • Where are the inefficiencies in contracting?

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