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Advancing U.S. Competitiveness Through Decision Science

Decision Making with Decision Science
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Supply Chain & Logistics

Decision Science provides unprecedented, connected visibility across a multitude of factors to investigate, monitor, and mitigate risks.
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Resourcing & Reform

Govini’s Decision Science Taxonomies use machine learning to create visibility into strategic, cross-cutting mission areas for portfolio and program management.
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Technology & Innovation

Decision Science joins emerging technologies, leading researchers and organizations, and strategic defense initiatives to highlight the companies and technologies outside of the federal ecosystem that matter to U.S. national security.
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Defense Industrial Base

With Decision Science, leaders can assess the vitality, measure progress, and consider critical transactions among the companies that comprise the DIB.
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Today, Govini is used across the U.S. federal government, including the Department of Defense and other national security agencies.

Decision Science enables DoD leadership to make sound decisions amid rapid change and escalating competition. Govini’s industry-leading data and machine learning put decision-grade information directly into their hands. Robert O. Work, 32nd Deputy Secretary of Defense
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Decision Science Platform

Govini’s Decision Science Platform delivers data, analytics, and insights for national security decision making. With immediate access to decision-grade information and powerful analytic functionality, it is designed to allow analysts and decision makers to collaborate and solve problems through data.
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National Security Knowledge Graph

Govini’s National Security Knowledge Graph (NSKG) is the organization and description of thousands of linked datasets. The NSKG models data in the same way that an analyst thinks about the world, turning data at scale into an intuitive, cross-cutting, and comprehensive view.
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