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Govini Certification Program
Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM)


A critical part of achieving decision advantage is ensuring the people working through SCRM problems within the U.S. government have the capabilities needed to navigate the supply chain data environment.

Govini’s Certification Program consists of five courses: Introduction & Fundamentals, Companies, Capabilities, and Capital. It is designed for SCRM professionals from all levels and experience backgrounds interested in Commercial Data techniques and workflow efficiencies to better evaluate supply chain risk.

Photo of Govini Certification Program


Understand the impacts and trends stemming from a wide range of federal statutory requirements, regulations, and other guidance related to SCRM. Identify courses of action for mitigation as well as long-term stability and resiliency.


Evaluate supply chain risk through companies, capabilities, and capital lenses that together provide a comprehensive view. Assess health using data representing Market Fragility, Affiliations, Stagnation, Financial Health, and other factors.


Use data-at-scale to produce relevant and actionable analytic output using course knowledge. Analytics lessons are designed to be accessible and applicable to critical SCRM workflows and roles.
The way the courses were formatted helped me think of new ways to approach risk identification in my portfolio. Understanding SCRM in a more holistic view instead of just a single one-off companies and using structures such as the Risk Taxonomy gave me the tools to be more proactive in my risk assessments. - SCRM ANALYST
    • The Govini Certification Program for Supply Chain Risk Management is a four-day intensive professional development program that will develop a wide range of knowledge, specialized skills, and analytic techniques for conducting SCRM in the national security context.


    • Instructed by experienced analysts and subject matter experts, participants will benefit from decades of experience in topics such as data science, the defense industrial base, supply chain analysis, national security, and federal acquisition & procurement.


    • This program will have both remote and in-person engagement opportunities


Photo of Govini Certification Program

Understand impacts and trends from a wide range of market evolutions, statutory requirements, regulations, and other guidance put forth related to SCRM. Also, identify violations to certain requirements when assessing companies.

Become familiar with large amounts of varying types of data to assess risk related to companies. Examine how to gather firmographic, contract, ownership, and supply chain data (and more) to make an informed assessment of risks related to that company.

Analyze a capability market, assess overall market health, and identify high risk vendors and suppliers that threaten the long- and short-term delivery of a capability as well as remediation or mitigation strategies.

Compare the non-traditional awards and vendors across a capability and identify emerging innovation gaps. Analyze exposure to adversarial capital to prevent exploitation risk and perform a final analysis on prime candidates for DIB expansion.


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