Photo of The 2020 Federal Scorecard

The 2020 Federal Scorecard

The 2020 Federal Scorecard examines the Department’s investments in the eight National Defense Strategy (NDS) Modernization Priorities necessary to build a lethal force able to defeat China or Russia in a high-intensity war. It applies decision science to objectively measure whether the national security enterprise is making the hard choices necessary to realign resources to develop a more modern and lethal military force.

This year’s Federal Scorecard starts with an assessment of the FY21 President’s Budget Request for the Department of Defense which highlights the NDS Modernization Priorities and the Innovation Review. It includes an examination of each Military Department’s investments and contains deepdive papers on RDT&E budget trends, COVID-19 implications for small businesses, hypersonics supply chain exposure to foreign infiltration, and quantum technologies. Recognizing that great power competition requires all elements of U.S. national power working in concert, the Scorecard concludes with an examination of investments by other departments and agencies in the national security enterprise.