Photo of Justin Keeney

Justin Keeney

What was your role in the military?
I served for 12 years in the United States Air Force. I started my career as a Contracting Officer, and transitioned into spend analytics– building a business intelligence system for the Air Force. I helped spin up the first spend analytics team.

How did your experience inform your perspective in the private sector?
My time in the military has absolutely influenced my perspective and work in the private sector. In the military, perseverance, integrity, and excellence is drilled into you from day one. This translated to working very well under pressure, ensuring work quality is tight, and doing what is right. It has helped me lead teams far more effectively.

What made you choose to join Govini?
During my service, I always heard people talk about “the mission,” and about how they will miss it. It wasn’t until the day I separated that I understood what they meant. The mission has never left me. Govini provides me the opportunity to continue with the mission and still serve in a capacity. Govini’s impact is truly transformational – I am extremely proud to be a part of it.