Photo of Jeff Goff

Jeff Goff

What was your role in the military?
I actually enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2003, while I was still in high school. My fascination with the military has always been a driving force in my life: the turning point occurred while I was recovering from wisdom teeth extraction during the initial Fallujah invasion. Over the course of 48 hours spent riveted to the television screen, I made the decision to join the Marines. On the day I turned 17, I promptly enlisted. I served as a Combat Engineer within a Bridging Company. However, due to the scarcity of bridges in Iraq, our Company transitioned into a Route Clearance role. We were tasked with scouring Iraqi roadways for Improvised Explosive Devices.

How did your experience inform your perspective in the private sector?
My time in the military really established my leadership and teamworking skills, and built my confidence overall. I was able to lead Marines in a combat environment as a young non-commissioned officer, which taught me how to not only get people to follow me, but also work together as a team toward one shared goal. This helped me develop the soft skills required to succeed in business.

What made you choose to join Govini?
I got a great feeling about the people and the culture. Plus, I really wanted to remain in the Defense sector and work towards improving U.S. national security.