Photo of The National Security Scorecard: Critical Technologies Edition (Media)

The National Security Scorecard:
Critical Technologies Edition

In recent years, the U.S. Government has recognized the importance of emerging technology to both strategic competition with China and our future national prosperity, and multiple administrations and congresses have taken action accordingly. But despite these efforts, moving fast enough to beat China remains a pernicious challenge. We know well how difficult it can be to drive change in an organization as large and complex as the U.S. Government—and given the broad applicability of these technologies, it is a whole-of-government issue.

If senior leaders in the U.S. Government are to chart an effective path forward, they must first understand where we are and where we have been. That is why Govini’s National Security Scorecard: Critical Technologies Edition is vital. It provides decision makers with a clearer picture of what the government has invested in these technologies to date, which parts of the government have been funding that investment, what spending pathways the government has been utilizing, and who in government has been partnering with in the commercial sector. This enhanced understanding enables a more thorough and accurate assessment of what has been done, what still is left to do, and why previous efforts have come up short.

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