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Washington, DC - January 18, 2023

Govini is proud to host its annual Commercial Data Summit at The Anthem in Washington, DC on January 18th. This exclusive invitation-only event will bring together leaders from the defense, intelligence, technology, and nonprofit sectors to address how commercial data is shaping the new world order.

Today, commercial private sector entities manufacture data that rivals or surpasses the quality of government-sourced data for many applications. As a result of its expansive breadth and the cutting-edge techniques to process and improve these assets, commercial data has emerged as an increasingly critical component of decision-making in the Department of Defense and across the federal national security sector. This Summit will explore the emergence of commercial data as an authoritative source of intelligence for decision-makers, including exploring the complexities of its creation, how it is impacting battlefield and government business decisions today, and the opportunities afforded to U.S. agencies that are increasingly exposed to and relying on commercial data in the techno-military competition the United States is facing with China.

The Commercial Data Summit is invite-only and sessions will follow Chatham House rules. RSVP as space is limited. Confirmation details will be sent upon registration.

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Photo of Commercial Data Summit

Doors will open at 12:45pm on January 18th, 2023.


Warm up with refreshments and networking, prior to the start of the program.


Recognition of data as a strategic resource has driven advances in managing internal government datasets and traditional national security intelligence sources. Yet, the commercial data landscape dwarfs that of confidential and classified data. Recent events in Ukraine have highlighted the unique role of commercial data in many applications.

Join the discussion on how commercial data is impacting the national security landscape.


For decades, America’s technological edge has been under siege. The erosion of U.S. technological superiority and ability to widen the lead in critical technologies has exposed significant national security risks.

“America on Defense” will explore how salient information and data applications are being leveraged to protect critical technologies from influence and intrusion by adversarial nation states and other bad actors.


Proactively taking action to counter competitive threats by strategically investing in and supporting emerging technologies will be imperative in maintaining and elevating America’s position in global markets.

“America on Offense” will explore the information and methods required by national security-aligned agencies and industries to secure globally exposed technologies and their suppliers.


America must leverage commercial data to counter Chinese advancements in critical technologies and maintain the legacy of American exceptionalism that has prevailed over the past seventy years.

This one-on-one discussion will dive into potential challenges and opportunities America faces as it develops long-term advantages for the next decade and beyond.


Join Govini on the floor of The Anthem for food, drinks, and lively discussions after the conclusion of the event program.

Photo of Commercial Data Summit

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The Anthem
901 Wharf St SW
Washington, DC 20024