Photo of Defense Industrial Base

Defense Industrial Base

The Defense Department’s ability to maintain a military advantage over great power rivals depends on effective  partnerships with the commercial sector and a vibrant and healthy industrial base. The DIB today is wide-ranging, complex, and rapidly changing. Govini’s decision science provides effective DIB monitoring on its health and competitiveness.

Photo of Defense Industrial Base
Defense Industrial Base Capabilities

Market Composition

Insight on which traditional and non-traditional companies compose the Defense Industrial Base

M&A Transparency

Merger & Acquisition implications for government buying power

Global Market Impacts

Impact of global market forces on the Defense Industrial Base

DoD analysts in acquisition, program management, and policy use Govini to track complex market activity and gain critical insights in support of Defense Industrial Base priorities: 

  • Who are DoD’s vendors in a portfolio of interest?
  • What impact will a proposed merger or acquisition have on DoD?
  • Who in DoD is purchasing similar goods or services?
  • How do global market forces affect the DIB?

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